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First Time Cleaning LLC


Started in the Shenandoah Valley over 15 years ago. We are capable of serving most areas of Virginia.  If you need a FULL SERVICE janitorial provider, CALL us FIRST!!!

Licensed - Bonded - Insured - Long Term References

  1. Reputation
    When you put in an ELITE performance each night at work. You receive SECOND to NONE reviews, now current clients are winning you new clients. This is why maintaining an EXTRAORDINARY reputation will establish a SUCCESSFUL business. Client recommendations are ESSENTIAL to business GROWTH.
  2. Management
    Building a STRONG management team, that knows how to balance staff and clients, is ESSENTIAL. When you have an appreciative staff at cleaning sites, your clients will receive a higher quality of service. This creates winning attitudes, which in return reduces work friction.
  3. Training
    Developing an AGGRESSIVE training program helps to keep maintain job sites. Keeping job sites FRESH and CLEAN at all times, makes our clients feel SECOND to NONE. Now our clients have a professional looking office to invite their customers into.
About Us
BEING the BEST and REMAINING the BEST is  not a SIMPLE task in an industry that is EXTREMELY congested. Janitorial Cleaning is one of the most FAVORED businesses in America. FAVORED is far from a road map to SUCCESS, in fact it increases the degree of difficulty. Effort, reliabilty, honesty, experience, amongst other things decide the FATE of your business. In the past ten years, there has been few days that nothing new was learned. DEDICATION is something that our ownership brings to the table, there is not a day that ownership is not out promoting business. This is how we record sales growth every year, regardless of the economy.

Hardwood Floor Waxing
Tile Floor Waxing​
Hardwood floors must be DEEP scrubbed and allowed to completely dry. Once dry an appropriate wax is put on to add SHINE and DURABILITY. This is a great solution for high traffic floors that will be exposed to liquid spills.
Tile floors must be STRIPPED of old wax before applying NEW wax. This is a costly procedure, but it can be limited with the proper maintenance program. Spray buffing, light scrubbing, and polishing can extend the time between costly STRIPPING and WAXING.

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