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First Time Cleaning, LLC is the BEST cleaning company in Virginia!!! EXPERIENCED and RELIABLE service make us SECOND to NONE. Please contact us for a FREE estimate and talk with us about a cleaning PLAN that will keep your business SPARKLING.

Take some time and look over our website and learn about First Time Cleaning, LLC . Once learning about us you will see why we consider ourselves SECOND to NONE. We got our reputation the old fashion way, we EARNED it!!! Our resume consist of long time clients and client recommendations, we are a UNIQUE cleaning company. Each and every day we STRIVE  to be in a LEAGUE of our own, there is to much COMPETITION in the commercial cleaning industry to SIMPLY be average.

Event Setup and Cleaning

Setting up and cleaning up events is something we do  from time to time. This is a job that requires patience and accuracy. Nobody ever wants to have an event that is not properly setup and cleaned. Therefore we always make sure that everything is accurately setup, plus make sure that the facility is adequately cleaned.


These wood floors are located in a well known banquet hall in Virginia. High traffic, mixed with liquid spills, make this a very difficult wood floor to keep looking good. This floor is deep scrubbed and liquid waxed on an annual basis.

Hardwood floor after a DEEP CLEAN AND WAX TREATMENT

This particular wood floor is in a historical building in Virginia, so obviously the floors were very old. After a deep scrubbing with a mild cleaner , followed with a few coats of liquid polish, you end up with some very impressive looking wood floors.

This hallway was totally stripped of wax and dirt, then high traffic low maintenance finish was applied. When a floor is stripped and waxed properly, it will look near new no matter how old.

Terrazzo was deep cleaned, then coated with a high quality floor finish. This floor is decades old but after a deep cleaning and re-finishing it looks almost like new.

Stained concrete ROUTINE MAINTENANCE and TOP COAT application

Carpet Cleaning BEFORE and AFTER

Before and after pictures of carpet in a heavy traffic area of a busy office in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We use a 3 Phase Cleaning Process, that is a vigorous scrubbing in Phase 1, followed by a pressure spraying with extraction in Phase 2, then completed with stain treatments to areas that aren't satisfactory.

This particular carpet was over 10 years old and was never carpet cleaned. You can see the deep down dirt in the first part of picture, then see the true color in the second part of picture. A high PH cleaner and color brightening solution was used, this carpet also suffered from sun damage. Severe sun exposure from several large windows in the direct sunlight caused the pinkish look. Overall this carpet cleaning wasn't like new afterwards, but it did save the landlord a $10,000.00+ carpet replacement.